I'm very happy to share that I am creating an animal sanctuary to protect wildlife like the lynx. We aim to preserve habitats and plant trees as well.

One of my childhood friends has generously offered land and I have added several acres that I own. Together, we are building a sanctuary to protect wildlife like the lynx, which has returned to Vermont from Canada after a long time. Prior to this, there were only four sighted lynx since the 1800s. This is a big thing and a sign of success and we are so happy to see that! Their survival requires conservation of natural habitats, enough natural prey (rabbits and hares primarily) and deep, fluffy snow.

Here you can see a recent video via WCAX.

Lynx via WCAX

Lynx via WCAX

I hope that we can preserve habitats through this endeavor. Protecting this habitat will also support other wildlife in the area, ranging from birds to foxes, rabbits, deer, moose and more. We may plant trees where possible with the assistance and guidance of old foresters familiar with the terrain and ecological systems. 

Our goal is to have this ready by the end of 2018!

I would like to build or support more of these nationwide, and plant trees 🌲 where possible too. 

Many years back, I volunteered at a wildlife animal sanctuary in northern Virginia during college over winter break. I took care of wild red foxes, peregrine falcons, red tailed hawks, kestrels, small owls and golden eagles mainly. I stayed with a local family for the month and went skiing and snowshoeing a lot with them. The mother was a wonderful lady who went on to become the U.S. ambassador to a South American country (Guyana) soon after. Her positive energy was wonderful to be around! It was a great experience looking back. I also have some ideas of how I would run a sanctuary more effectively as well. 


I have loved lynxes since I was 4! I think they are majestic and amazing. ❀️😊 I'm so happy to share this! Please feel free to share ideas πŸ’‘ or just say hello πŸ‘‹ at We’re excited about building this out! β€οΈβ€οΈπŸ˜ŠπŸ‘πŸ»