When I launch my book in 2018, 1/2 of all proceeds I receive will be going to animal shelters and animal sanctuaries in perpetuity. I am really excited about this! It is something I have intended to do since I was four. It just goes along with writing a book for me. :)


By doing this, my hope is that I can create a greater positive impact and reach a lot further, helping protect more animals in more areas and educate the public to be genuine stewards of our beautiful planet.

I am considering up to a maximum of ten organizations. To qualify, an organization must use 85% or more of all funds towards direct animal care with only 15% for administrative or other costs. The organization must also follow labor laws and treat its employees fairly. The organization must be transparent and accountable. In terms of communication, the organization must follow the highest ethical standards and publish actual facts and actual progress - not opinions or in any way, attempt to manipulate public opinion through false, exaggerated or dated information. In all aspects, the organization must have high integrity and actually function to take care of animals. :) 

I will have a website set up in 2018 where organizations can see all the requirements and apply for consideration. After selecting these ten, I will also help in educational efforts, working with veterinarians and the public directly and to facilitate genuine care. This will include education on kill shelters and puppy mills so the public is well informed and makes better, ethical and compassionate decisions when adopting pets.

If you know of a suitable organization, please give them my email at hello@janmanon.com. Thanks very much.

As mentioned before, I am also launching a free app for vets to respond to natural disasters.